General Patient Information

Information for Patients, Potential Patients, and Family Members

This page is a stepping stone to information about the clinic and some of the resources that we find helpful for people with mood disorders. Feel free to browse through the information, but if you have read enough and have decided that you would like to schedule an initial consultation, you should go to the Beginning a Consultation page.

Mood Disorders Clinic
The Mood Disorders Program provides specialty evaluation and treatment of adult patients with mood disorders and mixed mood/anxiety disorders. This page gives a broad overview of the work we do.

Patient Information
We have a set of answers to Frequently Asked Questions. For existing patients we have information about using computers to keep track of moods and to communicate with clinicians.

Getting Started
Some thoughts about the process of change.

Psychiatric Consultations
A psychiatric consultation is a comprehensive evaluation of the psychological, biological, medical and social causes of emotional distress.

Consultations to Family Members
Sometimes a family member will consult with us because of a concern about the care their loved one is receiving. These second opinion consultations can be very helpful in clarifying what the best treatment for an individual might look like and how to negotiate the managed care “system” to get such care.

Gateway Recommended Reading
Recommended reading for patients, colleagues, and other practitioners who are looking for more information.

Patient Resources
We have assembled some resources for patients that you may want to review. We have information about psychiatric disorders, about ways of helping yourself cope with depression and anxiety, information about nutrition, diet and nutritional supplements, and information about other services and resources that may be helpful. There is also a discussion about how mood disorders affect relationships that might be useful to both patients and their families.

Family Resources
We are beginning to create a set of resources for family members. For the time being it is worthwhile looking at the patient resources and family resources sections for information.