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Let’s face it: dealing with insurance companies is a drag. Because it can be tedious and sometimes involve hours of phone calls with (often unhelpful) insurance agents, the task of getting the reinubursemed for out-of-network claims often falls to the bottom of the to-do list. If this is a familiar story, you may want to take a look at the new easy to use app we discovered with the help from one of our patients. It makes getting that reimbursement painless so you can stop putting if off and starting getting money back faster. 

Recently we learned about  Franklin, an app that helps you get money back from insurance for your psychiatry and therapy visits. For our patients who were previously using an app called Better, Franklin is very similar.

Using Franklin is simple:

  • 2. Upload your superbill. When you receive your invoice from Gateway Psychiatric Services each month, go to Franklin and upload a copy. Franklin will file your claim with your insurance.
  • 3. Get your check in the mail. Your claim will get applied to your deductible, or if you’ve already met it, you’ll get a check from insurance.

Many users have gotten back $500 or more from their insurance.

Less than 10% of claims filed by Franklin are rejected. You can also upload superbills for visits up to two years ago, and Franklin may be able to get you reimbursed.

Franklin charges 10% of the money you get back. If a claim is rejected or applied to your deductible, it’s free. Franklin only charges once it has confirmed you’re being reimbursed.

Franklin indicates that it is HIPAA-compliant and takes data privacy and security very seriously.

To get started, go to Franklin’s website. If you have questions about Franklin or insurance, you can email

Please note, Gateway Psychiatric Services does not have a direct business relationship with Franklin and is therefore not responsible for managing your relationship with this service. We do see the obvious benefit of this service for many of our patients who have reported difficulty navigating the insurance reimbursement process for out-of-network claims.


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