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Better – insurance assistance that works to get you paid what you are owed. 

I recently had a phone call with Rachael Norman, Better Founder and CEO, to learn more about how Better might be of service to Gateway patients.  I am thrilled to pass along this resource, which takes the work and time out of getting reimbursed by your insurance  for out-of-network services!

Better is an app that makes it simple for people to get money back from their health insurance when they visit a cash pay private-practice. The app was recently featured in the Washington Post as one of “a new breed of start-ups trying to lead customers through the labyrinth of medical billing.” They have processed millions of dollars of claims and work with thousands of practices in all 50 states.

According to Better Founder and CEO, Rachael Norman, “For a lot of people, it becomes magic that we’re able to solve those problems and get them the money they are owed from their insurance.”

Using Better is as simple as taking a photo. Simply send digital copies of your out-of-network bills using the app on your phone. Better checks the bills for errors and works with the health insurance companies to ensure claims are processed and paid correctly. Better is free to providers, and only charges a 10% service fee on the amount paid back by insurance. The service is free for claims applied to the deductible or not covered under the policy.

Better works for private-pay practices by streamlining the interaction between patients and insurance companies, correcting errors and getting people better outcomes than if they were to work with their insurance directly. Better also offers dedicated provider assistance and are always happy to answer any questions about billing, coding, and health insurance.

If you have questions about Better and how it works get in touch at

– Kelsey


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