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Light and Dark Therapy

Phillips Wake Up Light

This is a very well-designed light with the specific purpose of replacing your alarm clock. Lights that simulate dawn (with gradually increasing illumination) can really help people who struggle with waking up on time. One downside of these lights is that they are not bright enough to provide therapy light. We’ve only found one therapy light that also incorporates a dawn simulation function.

Philips GoLite BLU Energy Light Therapy Lamp

Excellent quality and effectiveness may make up for the fact that it is a bit more expensive than other blue lights. We are concerned about the quality of the device in particular because of the risk of any device which doesn’t completely filter out ultraviolet causing damage to your eyes.

Uvex Skyper Blue Light Blocking Computer Glasses with SCT-Orange Lens

Swanwick: Classic Night Swannies – Tortoise Shell – Premium Blue Light Blocking Glasses – Orange Tint for Superior Blue Light Blocking

Few products have gotten this kind of support from Gateway patients. Many people with depression and bipolar who also have sleep problems report “amazing” results when they start using these glasses at night.

These were found by one of our patients as an alternative to the other pair on this page. They are more attractive and appear to be as effective at blocking blue light according to studies done by the manufacturer and replicated by at least one reviewer.

Carex Day-Light Classic Plus Lamp

Wirecutter’s top recommendation for a light therapy lamp. As long as the therapy light that you are buying is from a reputable manufacturer and puts out 10,000 Lux it will probably be affective.

Verilux – HappyLight

We also like the lights from Verilux.

Should our recommended therapy lights run out of stock, you may check this page for other therapy light options.


Gateway Psychiatric Services is excited to announce the release of our latest book: The Bipolar Disorder Workbook from Callisto Media. Designed to educate and motivate people who have questions, particularly about Bipolar II and cyclothymia, the workbook walks users through a series of structured exercises, beginning with a basic checklist intended to identify symptoms that may warrant further investigation.

The Mindful Way Workbook

This workbook and the Mindful Way Through Depression book provide you with a way to address depressive episodes that are mild to moderate in severity. We find that they are best used with a therapist. The structure of the workbook can really help boost the effectiveness of mindfulness based therapy.

The Mindful Way through Depression

This book is the best adaptation of Mindfulness Based Therapy for people with depression. It is an Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies (ABCT) Self-Help Book of Merit with good reason.

Attached – The New Science of Adult Attachment

If you have struggled with a recurring pattern of unsatisfying relationships you may want to read this book, which artfully applies the science of the Attachment Theory to real life dilemmas in relationships. We often use the quiz that comes with the book to help couples understand why they end up with frustrating fights or power struggles.

Managing Social Anxiety – Cognitive Behavioral Treatments

Social anxiety is an extremely common problem that is often neglected in treatment. This workbook is part of an overall series of Treatments that Work that all seem very well put together and easy to use as part of a therapy program.

Worry Less, Live More

This is one of the classic self help books for people suffering from various forms of anxiety, primarily what we would consider “generalized anxiety” or “mixed anxiety and depression.”

Radical Acceptance

This book elegantly outlines the rationale for acceptance as a way of moving through disappointments so that you can experience the life that you have rather than endlessly recurring internal dialogues about how you wish things might have turned out.

Stopping the Noise in Your Head

Overcoming Unwanted Intrusive Thoughts: A CBT-Based Guide to Getting Over Frightening, Obsessive, or Disturbing Thoughts

In this book the authors tackle one of the most perplexing human dilemmas, how to get rid of intrusive and unwanted thoughts that can make it almost impossible to focus your attention on the important challenges that you face. This is the book that is most highly recommended book by colleagues who specialize in treating obsessional thoughts.

Wherever You Go, There You Are

In this followup book to Full Catastrophe Living Jon Kabat-Zinn writes with warmth and humor about the practice of mindfulness meditation. The book is part inspiration and part study guide. In brief, rather poetic chapters, he describes different meditative practices and what they can do for the practitioner.

The Happiness Trap

This book is one of the best ways fo diving into Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. ACT is based on the idea that it is not only ineffective, but often counterproductive, to try to control painful emotions or psychological experiences. Suppression of these feelings leads to more distress. ACT proposes alternative ways of coping with painful emotions including mindful behavior, attention to personal values, and commitment to action. 

Mind Over Mood

The Self Compassion Skills Workbook

Care of the Soul: A Guide for Cultivating

Soul Mates: Honoring the Mysteries of Love and Relationship

The Mind/Mood Pill Book

Full Catastrophe Living

Mindfulness Meditation

The Art of Getting Well

Caring for the Mind

Passionate Presence: Seven Qualities of Awakened Awareness

How to Survive the Loss of a Love

When Bad Things Happen to Good People

Why Weight? A Guide to Ending Compulsive Eating

Meditation for Beginners

A Meditation for Relaxation & Wellness


Bipolar II: Enhance Your Highs, Boost Your Creativity, and Escape the Cycles of Recurrent Depression (1st First Edition)

Darkness Visible : A Memoir of Madness

A Mood Apart: The Thinker’s Guide to Emotion and Its Disorders

Highly recommended by Dr. Forster for patients with mood disorders.

Out of the Darkened Room: When a Parent is Depressed: Protecting the Children and Strengthening the Family

Mastering Depression Through Interpersonal Psychotherapy: Patient Workbook

Feeling Good : The New Mood Therapy

Living Without Depression and Manic Depression: A Workbook for Maintaining Mood Stability

An Unquiet Mind: A Memoir of Moods and Madness by Kay Redfield Jamison

The Anxiety & Phobia Workbook

Mastery of Your Anxiety and Panic (MAP-3): Client Workbook for Agoraphobia

The Courage to Heal – Third Edition – Revised and Expanded : A Guide for Women Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse

Mindfulness Meditation

Cognitive-Behavioral Treatment of Borderline Personality Disorder

First Things First: To Live, to Love, to to Learn, to Leave a Legacy

Getting Organized: The Easy Way to Put Your Life in Order

What Color Is Your Parachute Workbook: How to Create a Picture of Your Ideal Job or Next Career

The Complete Tightwad Gazette: Promoting Thrift as a Viable Alternative Lifestyle

Have a New Kid by Friday

This book is really the most effective set of recommendations for helping your kids behave well. The principles in it are useful for people who are misbehaving at all stages in life. For example, there is also a “New Husband by Friday” book.

Stopping the Noise in Your Head

This book is a compassionate and thoughtful guide for those who are experiencing anxiety , especially if you have a tendency to want to avoid the things that make you anxious (and who doesn’t). this book will help guide you through the process of stepping towards those things that are feared so that you can better understand the real risks which are almost always less than the risks that one fears.

Get Out of Your Mind and Into Your Life: The New Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (A New Harbinger Self-Help Workbook)

This ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy) workbook is a fantastic introduction to this form of psychotherapy. Written by the co-founder of this approach, Steven Hayes, this book guides the reader through the theoretical aspects of ACT while simultaneously providing a wealth of experiential and mindfulness-based exercises. In our application of this workbook in treatment, we have observed that everyone who completes this book has a revolution in the way that they think about their thoughts, feelings, and struggles.

The Dialectical Behavior Therapy Skills Workbook: Practical DBT Exercises for Learning Mindfulness, Interpersonal Effectiveness, Emotion Regulation, … (A New Harbinger Self-Help Workbook)

For those of us who struggle with getting easily frustrated, triggered, or upset, the skills offered in DBT are the most straightforward way of developing resilience to life’s difficulties. This workbook can be used as an adjunct to therapy or by itself, and offers a multiplicity of skills and practices in an approachable manner.

Four Thousand Weeks: Time Management for Mortals

Radical Acceptance: Embracing Your Life with the Heart of a Buddha

One of our patients found this book extremely helpful. It allowed her to think about her emotions and physical sensations in a very different way.

Understanding Mental Disorders: Your Guide to DSM-5 First Edition

Other Products

Beurer BM55 Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor

Wirecutter’s recommendation for the best home blood pressure monitor

Health Journeys: A Guided Meditation for Healthful Sleep

Omron Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor with IntelliSense

Etekcity Digital Body Weight Bathroom Scale

Wirecutter’s recommendation for best bathroom scale.

Tanita HD-351 Bathroom Scale

Nature’s Way CalmAid, Non-drowsy clinically Studied Lavender

This is one of the few non-addictive treatments for anxiety that has been shown to have meaningful effects on anxiety. And it has relatively few side effects.

ChiliSleep Cube Sleep System – ME and WE Zones – Cooling and Heating Mattress Pad

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