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“When is my appointment?” and other common questions –

For more than you ever wanted to know about appointments follow this link. It will help you figure out when your appointment is. And explain why it is set for 11 pm on Wednesday night….

Rescheduling appointments involves two steps –

  1. Cancel the existing appointment and then
  2. Schedule a new one.
  • Active patients must always have a future appointment. If you cancel an appointment you must make a new one to stay in treatment.
  • The issue of how often to meet needs to be discussed with your clinician. You can expect to hear concerns expressed if you decide, on your own, to reduce the frequency of visits.
  • We have a seven day cancellation policy. For more about the cancellation policy you can go to the “Beginning a Consultation” page and read the Information for Patients form at the bottom of that page.

For Dr. Forster

Appointment  Schedule an appointment

Cancel   Cancel an appointment (this will take you to a secure online form)


Email your clinician

Give us as much information as you can about when you can get together.



Call (415) 551 – 0520 and leave a confidential voice message. This message will be recorded and also transcribed by machine and emailed to them, so please speak clearly and concisely.