Please note – you must have a future appointment scheduled with us to obtain a medication refill.  If you do not, please click here to request an appointment with Dr. Forster or contact your other provider directly.
  • Routine Refills
    • Request a refill from your pharmacy. If you don’t have any refills authorized, you may need to call the pharmacy and speak to a staff member; however, they should then send me a request that includes all of the information I need to review and approve the request efficiently. 
    • Please note that I do not approve refills for more than a 30-day supply outside of an appointment. 
    • If the request is for a controlled substance, we will need to have a brief conversation before I can approve a refill.
  • Urgent Refills
    • If you will run out in the next day or two –
      • Request a refill from your pharmacy AND
      • Click the “Online” tool below and fill in the information there.

Other Questions?

  • Please use the tools below to contact us with any questions about your medications, side effects, drug interactions, insurance prior authorization issues, etc.

Online Form for Refill or Prior Authorization Issue 

Click on the link above to request a refill if you need it urgently or for any other refill request that cannot be handled by just contacting your pharmacy.You can also use the link to let us know that you need us to fill out a prior authorization form to get your medication covered by your insurance company.


Online Form for Non-Refill Related Medication Issue

Click on the link above to submit a question about medications other than a refill request – for example, a question about a medication side effect or drug interaction.


  • You are welcome to call us at (415) 551-0520 and leave a voice message. Please speak clearly; your message will be transcribed and emailed to your clinician. It will take longer to get an answer this way.
  • A couple of thoughts: We’ve been getting more and more refill requests between sessions. It is better for you to get the medications prescribed during your session. This allows you and your clinician to address any questions or concerns either of you has. It also minimizes the risk of misunderstanding.

    Pharmacies are increasingly busy, and refill requests now come through on an automated schedule that makes no sense. Today, I received four refill requests for prescriptions that were filled just two days ago.

    For that reason, I am now strongly encouraging all of my patients to turn off automatic refills and download and use the app for your pharmacy (Walgreens, Rite-Aid, CVS, and Alto all have one) to request refills. 

    This blog post provides more on this subject and explains why we might deny a refill request.

    For more about a new law in California regulating controlled substance refills and prescriptions, please read this blog post.