New Patients

Beginning Treatment

New PatientsIf you are interested in what you have read on this website you may be interested in a consultation, or in becoming an ongoing patient, at our clinic.

The first step is making sure that you know enough about us. We have tried in these pages to give you a fair amount of information about our clinic. Specifically, we encourage you to read the sections “About GPS” and “Patient Care“.

We also hope that you are comfortable with the financial aspects of receiving treatment at our clinic. We do not accept insurance, and we are not part of any managed care plans. This means that you need to pay at the time of session. Most of our patients do so with an automatic payment plan using their Visa or MasterCard. This saves time with paying during the session and simplifies our life enough that we are happy to offer a discount for paying in this way.

Many of our patients do receive reimbursement from their insurance company for the care we provide, but this varies from insurance plan to insurance plan.

An initial consultation consists of 2 to 4 visits with us and is a comprehensive assessment. Almost all of our new patients tell us that this consultation is the most thorough assessment that they have had. You should be prepared to pay $700 to $1200 for the visits. Click here for more information about our fees.

If you are interested in a consultation, please visit our “Beginning a Consultation” page.