GPS Recommended Products

Most of the items in this list are suggested by patients who have had good experiences using these products.

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Self Monitoring Tools

Healthy Diet and Weight

Lumen Metabolism Tracker

Measure your metabolism in real-time through the breath and see what fuel source your body is using for energy, carbs for fats. See review of this product.

Restful Sleep

Luminette Light Therapy Glasses

One of the people I work with had this to say about the glasses….

I give the light therapy glasses a thumbs up. It’s so easy to use them and based on my experience (1 week) it’s easy to incorporate their use in my daily morning routine.I keep the glasses next to my toothbrush so it’s hard to miss them. Next to coffee maker seems like a good place too.As far as mood, what I noticed was a decrease in anxiety and overall more content with life, and more present.  I’ve been taking more careful daily notes directly in the spreadsheet during this periods.  It was also a good week for me on the exercise, progress on work goals and seeing my personal friends (instead of just work people) so there are other contributors to the good week.

ChiliSleep OOLER Sleep System – ME and WE Zones – Cooling and Heating Mattress Pad

OOLER cooling and heating mattress pad utilizes an adjustable water-based system, circulating water through the mattress pad to regulate the temperature of your existing mattress providing a comfortable cooled or heated sleeping environment. It features a sleek bedside and under-bed design control unit with a variable speed fan for white noise. The unit can be connected to apps for both Apple and Android devices to control heating and cooling the pad as well as set programmable sleep schedules. It also has a Warm Awake feature which warms the bed temperature to trigger the body’s natural wake response. Here’s an article citing why temperature regulation is important for good quality sleep.

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