Family Consultation

“Our son has locked himself into his room and comes out only once a day what can we do?” “My husband is not sleeping at night and his thoughts are racing so fast I can barely keep up with them but he says that he is fine, is there any way I can help?”

These and many other similar questions may indicate that you would benefit from a family consultation. A family consultation is different from a patient consultation because the consultation is to the family and the advice is aimed at the family and what I can do in response to a mental health crisis.

Depending on the circumstance, such a consultation will involve gathering as much information (from records, from recollections and interviews) as possible in order to determine a working diagnosis and then reviewing the best treatment options.

Almost always the consultation deals with the practical questions of how to talk to the affected individual, what to say and, especially, what not to say. It will also include some advice on how to deal with psychiatrists, psychiatric clinics, and managed mental health plans.

If you are considering such a consultation call us at (415) 551-0520 to discuss your particular situation.

We are also beginning to put together a page with some other family resources.

And this blog post may be helpful if you are dealing with someone in constant crisis.