Andrea Starn, LMFT


My work as a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist over the past twenty-five years has included varied and intensive training and experience conducting individual, couples, and family psychotherapy, as well as work in the public sector developing evidence-based mental health programs for vulnerable populations facing multi-generational, systemic health and socio-economic disparities. My life experience as a single working parent and the head of a multi-racial and multi-cultural family has heightened my awareness of the challenges facing so many of us as workers, family members, and members of the broader community.

Developing a responsive, empathetic, and trusting therapeutic relationship is an essential prerequisite for our collaboration. My clinical practice draws on a variety of approaches, including evidence-based cognitive-behavioral therapies; a mindfulness- based perspective that reflects my own experience as a meditation practitioner and teacher; exploration of past and current relationships to support your connecting with others in ways that feel satisfying and balanced; and mining the rich potential of memories, dreams, stories, and metaphors to facilitate increased understanding of your unique life purpose, values, challenges, and goals. Since to be human is to continually engage interrelated dimensions of mind, body, and spirit, my perspective is holistic and can include, as needed, collaboration and coordination with other healing practitioners in support of your overall capacity to thrive.

In the words of contemporary psychologist Brene Brown, “owning our story is the bravest thing we will ever do,” while 19th century author George Eliot encourages us that “it’s never too late to be who we should have been.” I look forward to working with you in your own process of becoming ever more fully who you are, and in using that authenticity and self-acceptance to move towards creating the life that you seek.