Antidepressant Survey

Antidepressant Selection Survey – Symptom Patterns

Antidepressant Selection SurveyA large study published in the prestigious journal, JAMA Psychiatry, suggests that, for patients with unipolar depression (not bipolar depression) a scientifically developed antidepressant selection survey may predict which antidepressant, or combination of antidepressants, is more likely to be effective.

In addition to our own comprehensive survey, and genetic testing, we will now be offering this new tool to our patients.

Developed by Yale psychiatrists and data scientists, validated machine-learning algorithms use 25 questions to match you to the right antidepressant. It’ll take just 10 minutes.

If you have discussed this with your clinician, you can access the survey here…

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Antidepressant Selection Based on Symptom Clusters


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