California Healthcare Laws

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Over the last five years California has enacted a number of laws and regulations that seek to make the healthcare insurance system fairer, but keeping track of all of these laws is a real challenge.

At a recent symposium I ran into a colleague of mine who reminded me of a law that requires insurance companies to continue coverage of previously approved medications in many situations. He pointed out that insurance companies often deny coverage for medications that were previously approved when they change their formularies, but this law makes it a crime to do so in many situations. Surprisingly, the insurance companies often don’t know about the law…

Reflecting on this I went online to try to find information about California healthcare laws and ended up subscribing to the California Physician’s Legal Handbook.

Now all of the clinicians at Gateway Psychiatric will have access to this resource which offers more than 5,400 pages of comprehensive legal information including current laws, regulations and court decisions that affect health care in California.

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