Instructions for Purchase of EKG360 Service, through QT Medical

Visit EKG360 at

  • You will purchase a test called XPRESS ECG that includes interpretation by a cardiologist.
    • NOTE that you will need to choose the appropriately-sized electrode strip; see the attached PDF sizing guide., also available at when you select “View Product” for Xpress ECG.
  • Cost should be approximately $70.00 when you check out.
  • NOTE that the video in the link below mentions that your doctor needs to order the test for you; this is not the case with the EKG360 plan.
    QT Medical will verify my relationship to you when they speak with you after your purchase, and before they ship the device.
  • When you are ordering, you may see a link for registration.
    The link is not for you to use, it is for providers, to create their accounts with QT Medical.


  • After you order, A QT Medical specialist will text/email you to verify your address date of birth, primary care provider (you will use my name in this case, so that I receive the results), and to make sure you have a compatible smart device to be used with the ECG recorder.
  • Please give the specialist your doctor’s practice information.


  • An Express ECG kit with the PCA 500 Recorder (ECG unit), electrode strips, a piece of gauze, and a prepaid envelope for easy return will arrive in the mail within 2–5 days (depending on shipping destination).
  • You will use it once as directed, to obtain 3 ECG recordings within a single session with the device, within 2 days of receiving it.
  • Please return the device in the packaging provided to QT Medical; the cardiologist will read your results after the device arrives back at QT medical.
  • A cardiologist will read your EKG and send the EKG with a report to your doctor.
  • Your doctor should have already discussed the benefits, risks, and alternate options relative to ____ with you. So after your doctor receives the cardiologist’s report, if the findings are normal, your doctor will write your prescription and send directions for the medication.


Please call QT Medical at 855-722-6066 OR email