Referral for Consultation or Ongoing Care


Thank you for thinking of us!  We are honored to receive referrals for consultation or clinical care from other mental health clinicians. The opportunity to work with others in a collaborative fashion is part of what makes the work that we do exciting and interesting.

If this is the first time you have made a referral to us, we hope you will review our “New Patients” and “Beginning a Consultation” pages for information about our clinic and the consultation process.

Please contact us at or leave Dr. Peter Forster a voicemail at (415)551-0520 with any remaining questions.

If you are interested in referring someone you see for psychotherapy for co-treatment, please contact Dr. Forster prior to making the referral to discuss expectations for communication and collaboration.

Collaborative care is the heart of the Gateway model and it is important for us to determine how to stay in close touch with another clinician about patient treatment issues.

We have a number of ways of communicating securely with other busy clinicians. For example we use encrypted email from Virtru to share copies of our notes. Alternatively, if you are interested in working closer with us we can share the actual clinical documents with you in real time.