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Dr. Peter Forster has testified as an expert witness in medical malpractice cases, and is a published authority in the fields of suicide risk assessment, managed care, psychiatric emergencies, and the treatment of mental disorders and depression.

Dr. Forster is available as an expert witness in any of the above areas, and routinely travels to all regions of the country to provide consultation.

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Dr. Forster has a standard agreement and retainer for medical legal work. You can obtain that information by emailing the same email address.

Dr. Forster’s office will respond to emails regarding medical forensic consultation within one or two days. Please send your inquiries to

Hospital & Behavioral Health Systems –
Consultation & Planning

Dr. Peter Forster has consulted with health systems from Hawaii to Bangor, Maine in the development of acute and crisis services. Dr. Forster’s particular area of expertise is in strategic planning for managed care in acute psychiatric services.

Some of the facilities where he has consulted include:

Dr. Peter Forster may be available to consult at your organization.

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