Fee Changes

Peter ForsterGPS Update

Fee ChangesIt is time to update our fee list. The last time we revised our fees was in November of 2013.

In preparation for this task we reviewed data on health care costs in the Bay Area from the Bureau of Labor Statistics and we compared our fees to average fees in San Francisco for the same services (CPT codes) using a database that you can also access (FairHealth.org).

You can follow this link to get to a site that allows you to put in the ZIP Code for your provider and the CPT codes for their services and see whether what you’re being charged is typical of the charges for this service from other providers.

During the one and a quarter years since our fees last changed, the overall cost of living in the Bay Area has increased by 4%. Our own costs have increased somewhat faster than that due mainly to increases in rent.

When we compare our fees to other non-panel healthcare fees in our area we find that all of them are well below the average rates. In fact our most used fees are on average 25% lower.

You can see the spreadsheet with that calculation by following this link.

We are aware that many of you are still struggling financially, so we have decided to raise our fees 3% effective March 1, 2015.