Fee Changes 2022

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It is time to update our fee list. June 2020 was the last time we revised our fees.

Fee revisions occur every year. Usually we revise our fees based on an analysis of data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics relevant to changes in overall health care costs in the Bay Area. We also look at data in the FairHealth.org database to compare fees to the average prices in San Francisco for the same services (CPT codes). You can also look up typical fees for “non-panel” health care if you have the zip code and CPT code in hand.

Every three years we do a more detailed benchmarking analysis by also comparing our costs to the fees charged in comparable Bay Area practices. This was one of the years when we did this more in depth comparison.

As you may know, not only is inflation rising, but there is also a shortage of mental health clinicians. The result is that our fees were no longer in line with those of comparable practices, we were, in fact, significantly below these fees.

We are aware that many of you are still struggling financially, so we have decided to raise our fees roughly 10%) effective February 1, 2021. This will not quite bring us in line with the fees charged in similar practices in the area, but will bring us close.

For full details of individual fee changes see the Fee Schedule page.

If you have any questions about these changes please talk to your clinician.

Peter Forster, MD
Clinical Director, Gateway Psychiatric Services