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admin Website Update

Welcome to the Gateway Psychiatric Blog. We plan on posting information about what is going on in the clinic and about changes to this website. This is also a place for readers to make requests (simply attach a “Comment” to this post).

The website is a work in progress right now (July 2014) and we have lots of plans to add new content.

You may notice that a fair amount of the clinical information that was on the previous GPS website is no longer on this site. We did that to make it a bit easier for our patients to navigate the site. Much of that information can now be found on our sister site, We encourage people to not only visit that site but to consider adding their email to the “Subscribe” list (see the box on the right of the home page) so that you get updates when new material is added to the site.

Meanwhile we will be focusing on adding more information and resources that are specifically relevant to new and existing patients of the Gateway Clinic, the primary audience for this site.