Google Hangouts Meet

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For several years we have been using Google Hangouts Meet (NOT Google Hangouts – which is quite different, even though it sounds the same) as the preferred way of setting up telepsychiatry sessions at Gateway Psychiatric.

There are two essential points to know.

  1. The information about how to join a Hangouts Meet is to be found in the invitation to the Google Calendar appointment. If you don’t use Google Calendar then you will need to find the invitation email. The invitation that probably includes your first and last name in the Title.
    Hangouts Meet Invitation
  2. To join a Hangouts Meet you need to open the invitation in Chrome, Firefox or Safari and click the link in the invitation… For more on browser support see below.

Here is a mini-primer on joining a Hangouts Meet session…

To join a video meeting, you need the Meet mobile app or a supported web browser. For details, see Supported web browsers.

iPhone instructions – either download the Hangouts Meet app from the Apple App Store or download the Chrome browser in the App Store (search for either Hangouts Meet by Google or Google Chrome in your App Store).

Mac instructions – install Chrome on your Mac. Jake explains how in this YouTube video.

Android phone instructions – either download the Hangouts Meet app from the Google Play store or use the Chrome browser which should already be on your phone.

PC instructions – install Chrome on your PC.

Once you have the app or Chrome set up, you just need to click on the link that is included in your invitation. You can do this from the appointment (if you use Google Calendar) or from the email invitation.