Webcam Appointments March 2020

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I will be seeing my patients via webcam for at least the next two weeks. 
Your appointment will be at the same time, but to join the meeting you will need a smartphone or computer with Chrome, Safari or Firefox and a camera. 

Most smartphones and computers (except for work computers that block video conferencing) should work. You can find out whether a device will work by clicking on the link in the appointment (see below).

Joining the meeting is easy. Open your email (preferably using Chrome, Safari or Firefox with a web viewer). Search for the word “Invitation” and the date of your appointment. You should see an invitation that looks like this….

This link explains how Hangouts Meet works. We have been using this technology for more than 5 years. It is secure and HIPAA compliant.
Because of restrictions using work computers and because of privacy concerns you may need or want to reschedule your appointment if it occurs during work hours and you can’t step away to a private space. I will be making myself available during some evening hours and having some extra Saturday times in order to accommodate your needs. Please email me right away if this is a concern. 

Medicare and most commercial insurance companies will cover telepsychiatry appointments during the State of Emergency declared by Governor Newsome. However, if you have specific insurance concerns please contact me immediately. I am sure I can find a solution, but I need to know before our meeting.