Hidden Work

Peter ForsterWebsite Update

The hidden work that goes into even a modest website such as our own can be huge.

I am going to reward myself for a weekend of work by mentioning some of the stuff we have been working on –

Keywords – The miracle of modern searches rests in part on the huge work that webmasters put into indexing all of their pages with the appropriate keywords. Part of this weekend was making sure that the keywords for all of the pages on this site were appropriate. Searches of the site should be more accurate going forward.

Health Information – The health information section of this site has always been a work in progress. This is where you will find, under the tab “Health Info” information about health problems and treatments. A lot of this weekend was spent trying to get more of the relevant content listed in the appropriate places so that it’s easier to find.

Online Office – The online office is a set of tools that we’ve developed to make it easy for current and potential patients to get answers and to take care of routine tasks like scheduling appointments, getting medication refills, etc. We discovered a couple of minor glitches, in particular it turned out that we had enabled comments on these pages and some of our patients were sending messages by posting comments rather than by filling out the appropriate forms. We’ve gone through and made changes to make the whole process easier to understand.

As always, your suggestions, comments, and feedback is very much valued and I can assure you that we will follow up on any ideas that you have for improving the site.