Health Problems

Health Problems

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We have updated the health problems page with quick links to important information about living well with moods, including information about diet and exercise, information about sleep, insomnia and the most effective treatments for insomnia, and general information about mood and mood disorders. Hopefully, this new format and the new content, will make the page much more useful for our …

Prescription Savings

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We have just updated the “links” page on this site with information about prescription medication savings and costs based on online research and an online discussion on the Psychopharmacology listserve. Pharmacist Stephen Saklad summarized information about local pharmacies – “Many of the Pharmacy Benefits Managers that are used by the insurers forbid the pharmacy to charge the lowest price, but … Telepsychiatry

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This blog post provides information about a HIPAA compliant tele-psychiatry platform that we use at Gateway Psychiatric. is a simple and secure Web-based video solution designed for telemedicine. automatically works with popular internet browsers, such as Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, without requiring additional downloads or plug-ins to install. does not work with Safari or Internet Explorer. …

New Scheduling Page

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This morning one of my patients pointed out that the scheduling page that we have had on this site under the online office section for the last year was not working properly. We submitted a help ticket to Google which provides us with this under a HIPAA business associates agreement but it got us thinking that we’ve never much cared for …

Antidepressants Update

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I just wanted to make a quick note that I recently posted a major update of the information on this site about antidepressants. This follows the recent introduction of a few interesting new antidepressant medications. I hope to expand that by adding a page talking about atypical antipsychotics and perhaps other classes of medications routinely used in this practice. Since …

Hidden Work

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The hidden work that goes into even a modest website such as our own can be huge. I am going to reward myself for a weekend of work by mentioning some of the stuff we have been working on – Keywords – The miracle of modern searches rests in part on the huge work that webmasters put into indexing all …