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Jet lag, although temporary affects both physical and mental performance. Travelling across multiple time zones disrupts your body’s circadian rhythm and a result it may cause fatigue, dizziness and other symptoms including changes in mood. We found this app that could help you recover from jet lag on a wonderful site called

You can use the calculator to change your sleep pattern – even if you don’t travel.

For example, many people have a tendency to shift their circadian rhythms (sleep and wake times) so that they go to sleep and wake up later than they should (either because they have work obligations or because waking up later makes them more depressed). To create a plan for shifting your sleep and wake time, just pretend that you are coming back from a trip, how many time zones (hours) has your sleep shifted from what it should be?

Let’s say that you are waking up at noon and you should be waking up at 7 am, you are five time zones off your ideal pattern.

The one part of this that is perhaps going to require some creativity is finding the name of a city that is in the right location. I searched online using a timezone map and found that all of Greenland is 5 hours later than San Francisco. Below you will find the sleep wake plan. But there is much more in the way of information and tips, such as when you should exercise and eat your meals.

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Sample sleep plan
Follow this link to create your own plan, whether for a trip or for other reasons. You will find the plans to be quite helpful.
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