New Scheduling Page

Peter ForsterGPS Update

This morning one of my patients pointed out that the scheduling page that we have had on this site under the online office section for the last year was not working properly. We submitted a help ticket to Google which provides us with this under a HIPAA business associates agreement but it got us thinking that we’ve never much cared for the look and feel of the page and its functionality and so we went out to see if we could find a secure and HIPAA compliant scheduling page that we could replace it with.

If you are currently a patient at Gateway (and this only applies to existing patients who are wanting to schedule an appointment with Doctor Forster), you can check out that page by going to the “online office” tab and then selecting “current patient” and finally “scheduling.” From there you can click on a link to see Doctor Forster’s availability and to request an appointment all with couple of keystrokes.

For now the new webpage seems much easier to use than the one it replaces, but we will be very interested in getting feedback and in tweaking the process to make it as easy to use as possible.

A word of caution, since the frequency of visits is an important aspect of treatment, when you request an appointment the page will tentatively confirm it based on availability, but you could get a follow-up email if it seems as though that appointment is too far in the future. And, for now, you won’t be able to schedule more than three months out or to set up recurring appointments.