Peter Forster

Dr. Peter Forster’s Background

Dr. Peter Forster is a Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at the University of California, San Francisco, past editor of “Emergency Psychiatry” the publication of the American Association for Emergency Psychiatry, Past President of the Northern California Psychiatric Society, and a Distinguished Fellow of the American Psychiatric Association.

Dr. Forster specializes in the assessment of the standard of care in suicidal and crisis patients. An internationally respected expert, he has written many articles on: psychiatric emergencies, mood disorders, anxiety, somatization and managed care.

In his private practice, Dr. Forster specializes in the evaluation and treatment of adult depression, bipolar disorder (manic-depression), anxiety, panic disorders, phobias and stress reactions.

I believe that caring and respectful relationships are the basis for any kind of healing. In my work with patients I view what we do together as a collaboration. You are the expert in yourself and your feelings, I bring to that collaboration the expertise from my academic experience and training as well as from the care of thousands of patients with similar problems, together we create a treatment plan that will lead to a sustained recovery from a mood or anxiety disorder.

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