Refills and Other Medication Issues

If you need a medication refill, or if you have a question about your medications, medication side effects, or drug interactions, you should use these resources. For medication refills the very fastest solution is to call your pharmacy and request a refill (even if you don’t have any more refills authorized). Your pharmacy will then send an electronic refill request to our office. We will check to make sure that you have a future appointment, will check to make sure that the refill matches your record, and then approve it, usually within one business day. If you need a refill more urgently contact your pharmacy and then also send Dr. Forster an email.




Use this tool to submit a question about your medications (ask about a side effect, drug interaction, etcetera).



Call (415) 551 – 0520 and leave a confidential voice message. This message will be recorded and also transcribed by machine and emailed to your clinician, so please speak clearly and concisely.