Scheduling or rescheduling an initial consultation takes place in stages –

  • First we want to make sure that we have answered your questions about the clinic,
  • Second, we ask that you fill out some forms that tell us that you understand how the clinic works, and that guarantee payment for your visit.
  • Third, we will setup a secure online questionnaire for you to fill out and will setup an initial visit.

We don’t schedule appointments before we have answered your questions and before you have sent us those forms. Assuming that you have done so, you can use these options to schedule an initial appointment.


Send an email to Dr. Forster. He will be happy to forward it to whoever has the answer or to answer it personally. This and the internet tool above are the fastest ways to get questions answered.


Call the main number (415) 551-0520 and leave a message for Dr. Peter Forster. The message will be recorded and also transcribed by machine and sent to him as an email. He will make sure that someone gets right back to you.