Welcome New Staff

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Welcome New Staff Kate MelinoI’m very pleased to welcome a new clinician to Gateway Psychiatric. Kate Melino is a psychiatric and mental health nurse practitioner who is joining us as our new substance use expert.

Kate received her Bachelor of Science (with honors) in nursing from the University of Toronto, and her Master of Science (Nurse Practitioner) from UCSF.

Since graduating from UCSF she’s continued to be very involved with the school and is currently doing research with our former substance use expert, Matt Tierney.

Before she decided to become a nurse she was very active in Health Policy in Toronto and she hopes to resume some of that work now that she’s a clinician.

In addition to her impressive academic background, I think you’ll find that she is a compassionate, wise, and delightful human being.

Follow this link for more information about her clinical practice.

Currently Kate works at our 211 Gough Street office.

San Francisco Psychiatrist and Clinic, 211 Gough Street, Suite 211, San Francisco 94102, United States (US) - Phone: 415-551-0520 Fax: 415-551-0524