Chris Restivo New Staff Member

Welcome New Staff Member Chris Restivo

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I am so excited to welcome new staff member Chris Restivo, who starts full time work next week as a therapist and case manager.

Chris joins us from the Felton Institute’s award winning Prevention and Recovery in Early Psychosis program and the Bipolar Early Assessment and Management program, where he quickly established himself as an especially gifted therapist working with young people with psychosis and bipolar disorder to learn about and manage their psychiatric symptoms.

He is also proficient in Motivational Enhancement Therapy – an approach to helping people make positive changes in their lives that Matt Tierney first introduced to the clinic several years ago.  Although new to our team, he has already brought new energy to our work.

In addition to his skills as a therapist, he is very much dedicated to his own exploration of Zen practices such as mindfulness meditation. Indeed, this week he is participating in a week long meditation retreat.

Chris is a gentle person, very caring and thoughtful, and also eager to work as part of a tem, and I am so pleased to welcome him to Gateway.