Congratulations Dr. Kelsey Schraufnagel

Peter ForsterAbout GPS, GPS Update

We were so excited to learn that Doctor Schraufnagel, who’s been working here at the clinic for two years as a psychological assistant, finally received her California license has a psychologist.

The outcome was never in question except for host of bureaucratic snafus including an analyst at the California Board of Psychology who mysteriously disappeared part way through completing her audit of the application…

Doctor Schraufnagel will be joining the clinic full-time as a psychologist practicing independently as part of our integrated treatment team model beginning February 1 of 2015. In addition to her work with patients she will also be helping develop our team of therapists and psychosocial treatment providers, including recruiting a case manager/therapist to join the team this year.

As I mentioned before, on February 1 we will start building for her services using the psychologist CPT codes rather than as a psychological assistant. This will increase the cost per session but will also allow the people that she’s seeing to get insurance reimbursement. We expect that the net effect will be about even for most of her patients.