Bipolar 101

Gateway Bipolar 101 Group – July 2021

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Next week will commence another round of our 6 week Bipolar 101 group for Gateway clients/patients hoping to learn more about how to manage the impact of their moods with more grace and awareness. Bipolar 101 is an online, six session group that covers topics such as general knowledge of the disorder, medications, substance use, early detection of episodes, healthy …

Psychedelic Medicine Association

Psychedelic Medicine Association Member

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Gateway Psychiatric just joined the Psychedelic Medicine Association. This membership is a continuation of our longstanding interest in alternative treatments for depression. I have been working with Bay Psychiatric Associates and Roberto Estrada for nearly five years providing ketamine infusion and now nasal esketamine to patients with treatment resistant depression. This followed attending the 2017 Ketamine Conference which was held …

Coronavirus CDC

COVID-19 or Coronavirus and GPS

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The current projections for COVID-19 coronavirus infections in California have a considerable amount of uncertainty related to the effects of new variants that may be more infectious. We track this using the IHME model. As of mid-February 2021 it appears that infections are likely to be significantly lower in mid to late June. With this in mind, we are considering …

Cost of Sending Medical Records from Gateway Psychiatric

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It is our policy to provide you and other health care providers ready access to necessary medical information. Fortunately, it is easy for us to create a summary of your care that includes our initial assessment, your diagnoses, and a complete record of any medication we may have prescribed. Unfortunately, if you want a complete copy of your record, due …

Life Insurance or Disability Insurance and Confidentiality – the MIB and Limits of HIPAA

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The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) has a few limitations that should be considered when you are applying for life insurance or disability insurance. Life insurance and disability or long term care insurance companies ask you for the names of all the doctors who have treated you and your consent to get records from the doctors. The consent …

Telepsychiatry Presentation by Dr. Peter Forster

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Dr. Forster will be presenting an update on  “Telehealth and Psychiatry in an Era of COVID-19,” as part of the Seventh Annual Mood Disorders Summit webcast. Those interested in signing up for this free Continuing Medical Education event visit the Global Medical Education site. The program will include many presentations including… Program Agenda *All times listed are ET Day 1 …

Medications for an Emergency

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Several people recently requested medications to have on hand in case an emergency disrupts the supply. Here are some guidelines for these requests. This is from a useful post written by a doctor after a local emergency… “Ask your doctor for an additional prescription, explain what you’re doing and tell your doctor the meds will be going into storage,” says …

Webcam Appointments March 2020

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I will be seeing my patients via webcam for at least the next two weeks. Your appointment will be at the same time, but to join the meeting you will need a smartphone or computer with Chrome, Safari or Firefox and a camera.  Most smartphones and computers (except for work computers that block video conferencing) should work. You can find out …

Refill Dilemmas

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“Why do you only give me a month’s supply of medication when you approve refills?” This is a pretty common question and I thought a blog post might be a good way of discussing the issues. After all a refill is a quick thing to handle, right? You call a number and press a few numbers, go onto your iPhone …