Gateway Psychiatric Fee Update: Effective February 1, 2024

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At Gateway Psychiatric, we strive to provide the highest quality mental healthcare services while ensuring our practice remains financially sustainable. To achieve this, we regularly review and adjust our fees to reflect the rising costs of healthcare and ensure we can continue to attract and retain experienced, compassionate clinicians. Our annual fee revisions are based on a comprehensive analysis of …

Charges for Consultations and Updates via Email

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With the recent explosion in interest in and use of various types of telehealth services, patients are becoming used to getting in touch with their health care provider through their home computer or cellphone.  We celebrate the increase in channels for communication and hope that it will result in better accessibility to health care for all.  However, we also have …

Controlled Substance Prescriptions – Update January 2023

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FDA crackdowns and a shortage of staff in the pharmaceutical industry are making it harder to get controlled substance prescriptions filled. On October 12, 2022, the FDA announced a shortage of instant-release Adderall. Like many companies, Teva pharmaceuticals, the leading manufacturer of generic Adderall, has had trouble hiring people resulting in shortages of medications in pharmacies. The Adderall shortage has led to …

Dr. Peter Forster To Receive Excellence in Teaching Award for 2022

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Dr. Peter Forster has been selected by UCSF’s The Haile T. Debas Academy of Medical Educators as one of the recipients of their annual peer-nominated Excellence in Teaching Award for 2022 (Academic Year 2021-2022). “The Haile T. Debas Academy of Medical Educator’s (Academy or AME) core value is supporting the people who advance the education mission of UCSF by fostering …

Get Labs Drawn at Your Home or Office

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Mobile Phlebotomy ServiceSprinter Health Where They Draw Serving the entire Bay Area, and growing throughout California and parts of the US.During the booking process, you can see if they serve your location. Timing They will come to your home or office as early as 7 AM, with one-hour windowsThey have scheduling as convenient as next-day What They Draw LabCorp and …

Awakening to Mindfulness Class for Gateway Psychiatric Patients

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Gateway psychotherapist Andrea Starn, LMFT will be offering an introductory class on mindfulness starting March 7th that is available to Gateway patients. This class will be accessed via Zoom. Andrea Starn is currently completing certification as a Mindfulness Meditation Teacher after a 2-year intensive training program sponsored by Gateway Psychiatric. The program is the most widely recognized certification program in …

Psychology Tools Worksheets Handouts Resources

Psychology Tools – Resources to Support Clinical Care at GPS

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Psychology Tools offers a wealth of new resources for patients and therapists at Gateway Psychiatric. These tools include hundred of worksheets, handouts, exercises, podcasts, and information sheets that are solidly founded in clinical research. The entire collection is searchable by resource type, problem and therapy type and thus easily accessible. Gateway is licensed to share these materials with any patient …

Bipolar 101

Gateway Bipolar 101 Group – July 2021

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Next week will commence another round of our 6 week Bipolar 101 group for Gateway clients/patients hoping to learn more about how to manage the impact of their moods with more grace and awareness. Bipolar 101 is an online, six session group that covers topics such as general knowledge of the disorder, medications, substance use, early detection of episodes, healthy …

Psychedelic Medicine Association

Psychedelic Medicine Association Member

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Gateway Psychiatric just joined the Psychedelic Medicine Association. This membership is a continuation of our longstanding interest in alternative treatments for depression. I have been working with Bay Psychiatric Associates and Roberto Estrada for nearly five years providing ketamine infusion and now nasal esketamine to patients with treatment resistant depression. This followed attending the 2017 Ketamine Conference which was held …