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I really like Anna Glezer’s website Mind Body Pregnancy as a resource for women who are pregnant, trying to get pregnant, or thinking about getting pregnant and wondering about the mental health issues they may face.

I’ve highlighted three new articles on Mind Body Pregnancy and I encourage you to follow the links to the full articles and also to sign up for her regular and informative newsletters.

Emotional Side Effects of Infertility Medications

Infertility, affecting many couples, can have a number of mental health complications like depression. The most common treatment medications can themselves also have effects on a woman’s emotional state….read more

Emotional Weight of Miscarriage

You might be one of the millions of women who have been through a miscarriage, also known as a spontaneous abortion. Yet, while common, the grief many women go through following a miscarriage is unique….read more

Acupuncture For Pregnancy Depression

Many of my pregnant patients struggling with depression ask about non-medication treatment options. Understandably, there are many concerns and hesitations about taking medication during pregnancy…read more

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