Psilocybin-Assisted Treatment for Major Depressive Disorder: A 12-Month Follow-up Study

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A recent study published in the journal Psychopharmacology discovered that psilocybin-­assisted treatment (­PCT)­ effectively reduces symptoms of major depressive disorder (­MDD)­ even after 12 months.­ Johns Hopkins University researchers conducted this study,­ closely monitoring and evaluating 24 participants who underwent PCT for MDD.­ These participants were evaluated at multiple intervals including baseline,­ 4 weeks,­ 12 weeks,­ and finally at the one-­year mark following their treatment.­

The study’s findings revealed that participants who received PCT experienced a significant decrease in MDD symptoms at all measurement intervals.­ Specifically,­ at the 12-­month follow-­up,­ those who underwent PCT had an average MADRS score of 10,­ indicating a normal range.­ Conversely,­ the participants receiving standard care treatment obtained an average MADRS score of 18,­ still considered within the moderate range.­

The study also uncovered that individuals who underwent PCT experienced a notable enhancement in their overall quality of life after 12 months.­ These same participants reported feeling more connected to others,­ intensely motivated,­ and hopeful about what lies ahead.­

These findings indicate that PCT shows promise as a new treatment for MDD.­ Although PCT is relatively recent,­ further research is necessary to validate these findings.­ Nonetheless,­ the results of this study suggest that PCT holds potential as a safe and effective approach to treating MDD.­

The study uncovered that PCT is beneficial for MDD.­ Additionally,­ participants showed a favorable tolerance to PCT,­ with no reports of serious adverse events.­ The most commonly reported side effects among participants were mild and temporary,­ including headache,­ nausea,­ and anxiety.­

The results of this study indicate that PCT shows promise as a new treatment for MDD.­ It is both safe and effective,­ with good tolerability.­ However,­ further research is necessary to validate these findings.­ Nevertheless,­ PCT could emerge as a valuable treatment option for individuals suffering from MDD.­


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