Resources for ADHD

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We want to highlight the work of Cara T Hoepner MS, RN, CS, PMHNP-BC, a Bay Area colleague of ours who has spent years investigating whole-body treatments for traditional and integrative psychiatry.  Recently, we reached out to her for consultation with a particular patient, and found out that she has a huge amount to offer all of us in terms of resources for helping people understand and deal with ADHD.

Her site lists books, articles, podcasts, and websites that offer solid, high-quality advice on ADHD, as well as on mood disorders, anxiety, trauma, and sleep. We can’t overpraise the hard work that has gone into the research foundation of this site!

Here’s the link:  Bay Area Psychiatric/ADHD

In addition, she introduced us to Dr. Gabor Maté, whose website also includes lots of useful resources on ADHD, as well as other topics.

Tasking Apps for ADHD

Her comprehensive list of apps that people she knows have tried and found helpful for ADHD is, itself, more than most have to offer:

For more information from MoodSurfing:

The challenge of ADHD and Bipolar

ADHD in Adulthood

Please add any additional resources you have found helpful in the comments box below.