When is my appointment?

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A fair number of emails we get have to do with an urgent request to be reminded when someone’s appointment is to take place. Sometimes the email gets sent only a few minutes before the start of the appointment. Since we don’t interrupt sessions to answer emails, and often don’t have time to answer emails between sessions, this can be an exercise in frustration for all concerned.

However, the good news is this – when we schedule appointments we almost always attach the email address we have on file to the appointment. This means that Google automatically sends out an invitation to that appointment. It may mean (depending on your calendar settings) that the appointment is automatically added to your calendar, but even if it isn’t, you can search your email for the invitation. 

Search your email

The title of the appointment is going to include your first name, and often your last name. Search your inbox for your first name and you should find the invitation.

Warning: Check the time zone setting in your Google calendar. Soon after we started using Google calendar we made an interesting discovery: the default time zone for Google calendars for everyone around the world is Greenwich Mean Time (in the United Kingdom). So if you never changed that default setting you may find yourself wondering why your appointment with your therapist was scheduled for 11 pm on Tuesday…  In addition, if you travel to another time zone on business, Google can conveniently change your time zone, which will also leave you confused…

To configure the time zone:

Open your Google Calendar.  Click the Settings drop-down menu at the top right.  Click Settings.Click the drop-down menu next to Your current time zone to select the time zone. Click Save.