Make an Appointment with Dr. Forster in 1 Minute – April 2020

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Here I’m going to show you that you can make an appointment with me, Dr. Forster, in a minute using the online office tools.

This example applies only to appointments made in April 2020. During April, because of coronavirus, all of our appointments will be telehealth and you can make a telehealth appointment in any available time slot.

First go to the ONLINE OFFICE tab. Select CURRENT PATIENT and APPOINTMENTS. This is what you will see.

In April you can put a telepsychiatry appointment in any of my open slots, no matter which office you usually go to.

Scroll all the way down to Telepsychiatry Followup appointment type and click on that.

You will see several locations. You get to choose ANY AVAILABLE.

Here is a video which takes you through the entire process. It will take you less than a minute…