Fasting Mimicking Diet

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What is the Fasting Mimicking Diet?

We have just begun trying out the ProLon Fasting Mimicking Diet, developed by an expert at the University of Southern California. 

It’s a new concept in dieting relying on the science behind intermittent fasting, which is a method of dieting by fasting for some hours or days each month.  The Fasting Mimicking Diet, however doesn’t involve actually fasting.  Instead, the dieter is put on an extremely limited calorie count for five days each month (with foods and supplements that help to reduce hunger), and continues with their own healthy diet alternatives for the rest of the time.

The system is easy to follow, since a kit is provided with exactly what you will eat for the five days. There’s no looking up fancy recipes or finding exotic ingredients to this system.  The ProLon diet kits are sold only through health care providers, and the diet is conducted under the supervision of your doctor. If you are interested, Dr. Forster can get you a kit and talk to you about the diet.

We expect to see a strong uptake of these plans in the coming weeks, as the country begins to emerge from our lengthy stay-at-home regime, when some of us may have gained significant weight, or lost healthy habits.