Mental Health Awareness 2021

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For now over 70 years, Americans have delegated the month of May as “Mental Health Awareness Month” (since 1949). And with medical experts and researchers across the planet sharing their observation that the Covid-19 pandemic is going to continue to have an array of mental health impacts into the foreseeable future, mental health awareness needs to remain in the forefront …

Fasting Mimicking Diet

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What is the Fasting Mimicking Diet? We have just begun trying out the ProLon Fasting Mimicking Diet, developed by an expert at the University of Southern California.  It’s a new concept in dieting relying on the science behind intermittent fasting, which is a method of dieting by fasting for some hours or days each month.  The Fasting Mimicking Diet, however …

Coping with Coronavirus

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For the past two weeks we have been collecting stories from our patients. Some of them are doing well in the face of the turbulence caused by coronavirus and some of them are struggling. We decided to collect stories from those who are doing well in order to identify ways of coping with this stress and perhaps have some suggestions …

Crisis Resources in the Bay Area

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Colleagues at UCSF shared this list of resources for people in a crisis in the Bay Area. We share this here in the hope that it can be helpful. Please let us know if there are corrections or updates… Alameda National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: Call 1-800-273-TALK Substance Use Treatment & Referral Helpline: 1-844-682-7215 Crisis Support Services Suicide Prevention: (800) 309-2131 …

Exercise and Mental Health – A Therapist’s Guide

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This is a great resource from Psychology Tools, with a huge amount of information about the use of exercise in treatment of mental illness, and a long bibliography of articles describing evidence related to the use of exercise, impact of physical exercise on mental health, ways of encouraging clients to exercise, and biological, psychological and social mechanisms by which exercise …

Bipolar Workbook from Gateway Psychiatric

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Gateway Psychiatric Services is excited to announce the release of our latest book: The Bipolar Disorder Workbook from Callisto Media. Designed to educate and motivate people who have questions, particularly about Bipolar II and cyclothymia, the workbook walks users through a series of structured exercises, beginning with a basic checklist intended to identify symptoms that may warrant further investigation. The …


Biofeedback at Gateway Psychiatric

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Biofeedback is a stress management technique that uses devices that give you information about your body’s physiologic response to stress. The idea is to provide you with information that would ordinarily be outside of your conscious awareness, such as your body temperature, blood pressure, or heart rate.  Generally, there are three stages of biofeedback: Developing increased awareness of the body …

Antidepressant Diet

Antidepressant Diet Cookbook

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Two recent studies suggest that the Mediterranean diet may be an antidepressant diet as well as the diet that reduces heart disease, inflammation, and the risk of dementia. In the SMILES trial 65 patients with depression were randomized to a Mediterranean diet based intervention (a diet support group) or a social support group. The group excluded people who were treatment …

Foundations of Wellbeing

Foundations of Wellbeing

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In the beginning of this year we sent out an invitation to our patient’s to sign up for the Foundations of Wellbeing program developed by neuroscientist Rick Hanson and were very pleased by the response. Since then we’ve been hearing from those who signed up that the program has had a significant effect on their mental health. A representative comment …

Nutrition Diet Update

Nutrition and Diet Update

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Nutrition and Diet Update We recently updated the overall guidelines in our healthy diet page to incorporate information from the largest study today looking at diet and its effect on overall mortality. It’s worth summarizing both the strengths and weaknesses of this study which was published in two articles in the Lancet. It is the largest study to date. Nearly 140,000 …