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COVID-19 or Coronavirus and GPS

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The current projections for COVID-19 coronavirus infections in California have a considerable amount of uncertainty related to the effects of new variants that may be more infectious. We track this using the IHME model.

As of mid-February 2021 it appears that infections are likely to be significantly lower in mid to late June. With this in mind, we are considering returning to seeing some patients in person in our three offices around then. We will definitely not be seeing all patients in person and how many will likely depend on patient preference, clinical need, and data about the risk of infection. Until then, all appointments will continue to be via telehealth.

We have been monitoring the news from the CDC and the American Medical Association and will continue to do so.

Here at Gateway we have been making some plans. We will be focusing on ensuring that we test for signs and symptoms of infection before seeing patients in person, increased air flow and air filtration in all the rooms, and testing and vaccination of all clinical staff.