Finding a Psychiatrist

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Finding a psychiatrist is often hard.

In a separate post we have written in detail about the challenge of getting your insurance company to provide you with the care that they are required by law to cover. And how you might be able to get them to pay for an out of network psychiatrist if you can’t find an in network psychiatrist who is available to see you.

Here I want to emphasize one aspect of the process… keeping track of calls made.

It is likely that you will have to make a number of calls. For many reasons, including making sure that you can get help from your insurance company if your own efforts fail, you should create a spreadsheet that allows you to track the calls that you make.

This is so important that I have created a spreadsheet that I encourage you to copy and use for this process.

Sad to say, you may have to call a good psychiatrist a couple of times to get a response. I find this disconcerting, but I have heard from enough people that this is true that I now suggest that you place two calls to a psychiatrist before giving up.

Finally, if you are in a part of the country where there are few psychiatrists, you may want to consider an alternative to traditional psychiatric care: find a primary care doctor who is willing to prescribe your medications and find a telepsychiatry psychiatrist who can consult with you and your primary care doctor.

I provide this kind of care to people throughout California, and find that it is often as effective as traditional care. And it requires a lot less travel time…