Foundations of Wellbeing

Foundations of Wellbeing

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In the beginning of this year we sent out an invitation to our patient’s to sign up for the Foundations of Wellbeing program developed by neuroscientist Rick Hanson and were very pleased by the response.

Since then we’ve been hearing from those who signed up that the program has had a significant effect on their mental health.

A representative comment from someone who has struggled for years with depression, and is much encouraged by the first few weeks participation in the program…

“I think that the program is really good. The first few lectures that I watched were very relevant to my situation. They offered new perspectives that I found immediately helpful and focused on practical advice about how to integrate these perspectives in to my daily life. My mood is significantly better since I started…”

The seminar is a year long experience taught by Rick and a stellar faculty. You will get –

  • Results that last, with more happiness, love, and ease built into your brain
  • Special benefits for therapists, educators, coaches, healthcare professionals, and human resources trainers
  • Participant-only forums with sections applying the program to particular interests, such as children, mindfulness, depression, anxiety, trauma, addiction recovery, and spiritual practice
  • 24 continuing education credits available for psychotherapists, social workers, and nurses for only $50

Click on this link for more information –

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Rick Hanson Foundations Program

And take just 5 minutes and watch this video, it will give you a real sense of what this series is all about. It is Rick Hanson’s talk at Chicago Ideas Week.