Home Blood Draws

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Would home blood draws (or office blood draws for that matter) be helpful?

Obtaining routine blood work can be an essential part of your treatment if you have a mood disorder and are on medications as it is very important to know the levels in your blood reached by mood-stabilizing drugs. Finding time however to get your labs done can often be tough with work, school, family and other life obligations.

Blood tests are routinely collected every 6 months and even more frequently when you are first beginning a medication. They may also be collected more regularly whenever a dose is modified or another drug is initiated, when there are concerns about if medications are being taken correctly, or if there is suspected toxicity of high levels.  

Blood tests can provide timely information that can impact treatment recommendations and interventions and therefore completing them as regularly as recommended can be largely influential. Since it can be difficult to make the time to get to lab testing sites we wanted to share a new resource with you that can help in overcoming this barrier.

All Access Healthcare is making the process of getting your labs done easier by coming to you. If you live in the Bay Area, instead of going into one of your local lab sites, such as LabCorp or Quest, you can now schedule a time for All Access Healthcare to come to your home (or office if you prefer). For approximately $50 in addition to your lab processing fee, they can collect and drop off your sample for you.

If you think this is something you may be interested in, you can check out All Access Healthcare here http://allaccesshealthcare.net/ . To schedule a time for them to come to you, they can be reached at (888) 341-9098. They recommend that you give them a call three days ahead of time.

This is what one of our colleagues had to say…

Prices for Quest and Labcorp are $50 ($60 if you are south of Redwood City); if All Access has a partnership with a specialty lab, the price is only $25 or $35, respectively.
Genetia Roberts has been practicing and teaching phlebotomy for more than 20 years, and she recently visited my office – best blood draw ever!