• The 2017 Ketamine conference covered in the blog gives us the most up to date information about ketamine infusion from those involved in research and practice.
  • Ketamine infusion is available for our patients through two infusion centers: a new center affiliated with Lenox Hill TMS in San Francisco on Van Ness Street and Paul Wender’s infusion center on the peninsula.
Ketamine at Gateway Psychiatric

This page provides information for current patients about ketamine infusion at Gateway Psychiatric. Because ketamine infusion for depression is experimental (not approved by the FDA) and a relatively recent option for treatment, the content on this page is likely to change considerably over time.

The best source of the most up to date information about ketamine is contained in the section entitled “Ketamine Blog” below, as well as in the Ketamine Advocacy Network page under “Related Pages.”

For potential patients, it is important to understand that we perform ketamine infusion only after a thorough evaluation (see Getting Started above). While the short term results from ketamine infusion are sometimes dramatic, we know much less about the long term effects. For that reason, it is important to consider the other options for treatment resistant depression, including ECT, TMS, and other new treatments.

The section entitled Ketamine Infusion for Chronic Depression talks about details of the process for evaluation and monitoring for ketamine infusion at Gateway.