Lowering Medication Costs – Update

Peter ForsterCosts of Treatment, Website Update

The New York Times recently reviewed two websites that offered to substantially reduce the cost of psychiatric medications for those without adequate insurance coverage.

We’ve updated the section of this website that provides links to information about lowering the costs of medications and that mentions the option of purchasing medications from Canada as well as information about these two sites.

You can find all of that information on our links page (you’ll have to scroll down a ways).

The two sites that we added are Blink Health and Good Rx. Both offer to get you access to the type of discounts that pharmacies usually only offer insurance companies (much bigger discounts than you will get by signing up with their discount prescription programs). Good Rx also gives you access to discount coupons which you are asked to take to the pharmacy. Blink health actually helps you buy the medications.

As any good shopper knows, it pays to compare the deals on at least two shopping websites.