Understanding a Prescription Label

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How can I figure out if I will need Dr. Forster to write a prescription for me? Don’t refills happen automatically? I set them to refill automatically on Walgreens.. Why does Dr. Forster say I have a prescription approved when the pharmacist says I don’t have any refills? Prescription labels contain a great deal of information, but navigating the intricacies …

Pharmacy Apps

Pharmacy Apps

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One of the most perplexing things about our healthcare system is how complicated it can make even simple tasks. This is particularly true when the issue involves sharing information among providers of care. Elsewhere we have talked about the “silo” problem and why it has motivated us to develop a clinic that tries to provide integrated care. Here I want …

Medication Home Delivery

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Gateway Psychiatric is happy to make medication home delivery available to its patients in the Bay Area through a partnership with Alto Pharmacy. Alto Pharmacy is dedicated to improving the pharmacy experience for doctors and patients. Alto takes all major insurance and guarantees the lowest price. In addition, Alto will automatically apply any manufacturer coupons available to reduce out of …

Medication Cost Savings

Medication Cost Savings – Update 2017

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Last year the New York Times reviewed two websites that offered significant medication cost savings, for those without adequate insurance and, even for those with good insurance who are getting expensive medications. Since then we have had a lot more experience working with patients to help reduce medication costs and we can definitely say that these sites can help reduce …

Prescription Savings

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We have just updated the “links” page on this site with information about prescription medication savings and costs based on online research and an online discussion on the Psychopharmacology listserve. Pharmacist Stephen Saklad summarized information about local pharmacies – “Many of the Pharmacy Benefits Managers that are used by the insurers forbid the pharmacy to charge the lowest price, but …

Lowering Medication Costs – Update

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The New York Times recently reviewed two websites that offered to substantially reduce the cost of psychiatric medications for those without adequate insurance coverage. We’ve updated the section of this website that provides links to information about lowering the costs of medications and that mentions the option of purchasing medications from Canada as well as information about these two sites. …