Liz Ren – Welcome

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Liz RenI’m very excited to announce that a new psychiatric and mental health nurse practitioner, Liz Ren, will be joining our staff in April. I think you can get a sense of her enthusiasm and perhaps her intelligence and excellent qualifications from the paragraphs that she wrote for me about why she is excited to be joining Gateway…

“Gateway is the type of clinic I want my loved ones to access for their mental health needs. The team is devoted to an individual’s recovery, in ways that are meticulous, creative and collaborative. The quality of the staff at Gateway speaks volumes about the organization. The staff are dedicated, intelligent, and compassionate providers, many of whom are leaders in their respective fields. The resources utilized are up-to-date and evidence-based. While most clinical practice lags years (sometimes even decades) behind research, Gateway translates research into practice so that clients have access to effective evidence-based paths to recovery that they wouldn’t ordinarily have at other treatment centers.

 To be part of a clinic that is thoroughly dedicated to the recovery of an individual is invigorating! I am so thrilled to work alongside providers who are spirited about their work and their field, in an environment of collaborative care, curiosity and learning. There is no doubt that one’s environment affects the work that one does, and Gateway is an environment that facilitates high-quality, impassioned work.

 As a psychiatric nurse practitioner in San Francisco, I’ve heard rave reviews about Gateway Psychiatric Services over the years.  It’s a dream to be part of the team, and I am delighted to start my practice here.”