eMoods Insights – Sophisticated Mood Tracking App

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Some of our patients here at Gateway started using this mood tracker from eMoods. We would like to share some information about the app for the benefit of those interested in using it.

eMood is a free mood tracking app that runs on your phone and on your desktop via a web browser. It allows you to easily chart your daily highs and lows, sleep, medications, and other symptoms related to bipolar, depression, anxiety and other mood disorders. People who use it like the fact that it is very customizable.

You can add the names of medications that you want to track, and you can choose whether or not to log sleep, irritability, elevated mood, depressed mood, weight, psychotic symptoms, etcetera. If you find that keeping track of your moods requires more than one entry per day, you can choose to allow multiple mood entries per day.

Because eMoods has built in several ways of sharing your data, it can be used with your doctor to track your mood and see how it changes with treatment.

One of the most common concerns when using mood tracking apps is privacy, and this is an area that eMoods seems to take pride in. In the app store eMoods has this to say about privacy concerns: “eMoods never stores ANY of your data in the cloud or connects to any APIs. No data ever leaves your phone without your explicit action.” On top of that, their website’s privacy policy states, “ We protect covered health and medical information to the extent required by HIPAA and applicable state law”, which is quite reassuring.

Other notable features of this app include the following:

  • Easily understandable graphs to help identify triggers and patterns to help prevent relapses.
  • Ability to share your data with others (for example, your doctor or therapist) by printing reports, by emailing reports or by giving someone access to your log.
  • Track medication changes to safely make adjustments, titrations or medication tapers with the help of your doctor and learn about what works and what doesn’t. These insights can be used for titrating up to a new medication or for assistance in coming off a medication.
  • A detailed calendar allows you to visualize your patterns over time
  • Configurable graphs to plot tracking points against each other to better visualize what symptoms or outside influences are potential triggers.
  • eMoods Insights is fully integrated with the local weather, daylight, and moon phases so that you can visualize how these outside influences affect your moods and other symptoms.

Many of these features work best if you review the data on your desktop. You can enter the data on your phone and then, when you have a question or are wanting to review how your moods have been changing, you can see the information in graphs on your desktop browser.

How to Share eMoods Mood Tracker Data with Your Doctor

If you are a patient under Dr. Forster’s care and you have chosen to use this app, then you use the information below to share your mood tracker data with Dr. Forster. Please take note that sharing your live chart requires an Enhanced Subscription which costs $50 Per Year (or $5 / month). For more information about their features and pricing click here.

eMoods Update ( as of October 9, 2023 )

The developer of eMoods had been working on an Enterprise Portal for practitioners, but unfortunately had to temporarily put it on hold. Currently, they are solely focusing on working through a transition and keeping the company operational, but plan to focus on expansion again sometime in the near future.

In the meantime, there are still some other options that should work for practitioners. Many people solely use the free version of the app, and patients are able to do so and still share their information with their clinician.

In the Insights app (desktop version), patients can click on “email/share log” on the left side of the screen. Then, they can select a month to share a PDF report with their clinician, or they could give them read-only access to their chart by putting their email in “Give someone access to my log”.

Here are instructions for setting up the website to function like a mobile app on your phone: Creating an eMoods Insights mobile homescreen shortcut

When patients are using the Classic mobile app (from the app store) there is a little “share” button on the top right of the screen. On iOS it looks like a little file upload button, and on Android it looks like a vertical elipsis “…”. Patients can then “email report” and select a month to share with their clinician. They would just then need to know their email address or have some other way of getting them the file (Google Drive, Airdrop, etc). This file will give them a summary of their month.