Mobile Monitoring Systems for Depression Care

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Passive tracking of vocal and behavioral indicators of symptoms via a smartphone app can be an effective way to treat depression in a time-sensitive and accurate fashion.  A recent randomized clinical trial compared the use of an app to track indicators with “usual care” for depression, and, although the sample size is small, the results are very promising. For the …

Pharmacy Apps

Pharmacy Apps

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One of the most perplexing things about our healthcare system is how complicated it can make even simple tasks. This is particularly true when the issue involves sharing information among providers of care. Elsewhere we have talked about the “silo” problem and why it has motivated us to develop a clinic that tries to provide integrated care. Here I want …

Treatment resource index and toolbox

Treatment Resources Index

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This weekend we have done some hard work behind the scenes creating a better treatment resources index to allow clinicians and patients to quickly access information about the array of services, online applications, clinical tests, pharmacogenetics tests, online courses and online CBT therapies that are provided at Gateway Psychiatric. There are so many tools in our toolbox that it can …


Sleepio CBTi for Insomnia

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Sleepio is a six-session sleep improvement program, created by sleep expert Professor Colin Espie and featuring proven Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) techniques. We are happy to add this treatment option to the list of state of the art therapies available at Gateway Psychiatric. Sleepio joins SHUTi (now Somryst™) [updated 2022], a longer program that we have found to be extremely …

Pill Minder and Information Source

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David Pogue recently reviewed 47 apps that can serve as a pill minder and information source and selected one that clearly outshone the others. But first, why is this important? This is some information from his article in Yahoo Finance… An estimated 187 million Americans (58%) are on at least one prescription drug. (Source: Network for Excellence in Health Innovation …