Get Labs Drawn at Your Home or Office

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Mobile Phlebotomy Service
Sprinter Health

Where They Draw

Serving the entire Bay Area, and growing throughout California and parts of the US.
During the booking process, you can see if they serve your location.


They will come to your home or office as early as 7 AM, with one-hour windows
They have scheduling as convenient as next-day

What They Draw

  • LabCorp and Quest orders
  • Specialty labs from your naturopath or functional medicine doctor, such as Boston Heart, Cyrex, SpectraCell, etc. – if you have these kits, contact Sprinter Health to make sure they can draw for your kit. All phlebotomists carry a centrifuge to spin down samples, and they can handle a chilled sample if you provide them with the frozen ice pack that comes with your kit.
  • If you have a specialty lab, make sure you have a kit for it, not just the requisition

They will draw as much blood as is safe for an individual. Quest limits to 35 orders and 16 tubes; this company will draw 25 tubes or more if it is safe for you (height and weight). They can discuss this with you if you have a large or several orders.


$79 flat, for as many orders or kits as you have

Using the Service

Visit their website and schedule through their portal, which will collect your lab slip from you and your insurance information, as well as demographics.

After you place your order for a service, they will contact you to confirm.