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Accessing Online Recovery Resources from Afar

Recently I had a patient relocate to Spain who had been in recovery from alcohol for one year. She was very concerned about leaving her recovery community and was surprised to learn that she could continue to access support online from afar. Initially she was skeptical about accessing support online. However, after trying out a few options, she found online support that worked for her. Moving across the country was a large stressor in her life. Accessing resources online helped her through the process.

Whether, you are moving, taking a vacation, or are currently located in a place where you find it difficult to access resources to support you in your recovery, know that there are resources online available to you.

Do you find AA, SMART Recovery, Refuge Recovery, or LifeRing helpful? Are looking for an intensive outpatient program that you can access online? Below are some online resources that can support you in accessing help today.

– Gina

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